A Guide to a Simple Funeral

A Simple Funeral gives provision for mourners with a chapel service and is a meaningful but affordable way to say goodbye to your loved one. The most affordable funeral option is a Direct Cremation, where mourners are not present. However, many people want to mourn and remember their deceased loved one in a commemorative funeral service.

Funerals on a Budget Simple Funeral Package

  • Our experienced team will offer expert guidance and support during the process.
  • We will transfer your loved one to the crematorium. Please note that there is an additional fixed fee of £230 for collection from a nursing home or a private residence.
  • We will care for and prepare your loved one ready for their Simple Funeral.
  • Funerals on a Budget offers high-quality care that ensures your loved one is in safe hands from transfer to cremation.
  • We offer professional services by experienced funeral directors.
  • Provided is a veneered coffin, but please be aware that there is a surcharge for oversized coffins.
  • We will complete legal paperwork for you to help ease the administrative burden.
  • Your loved one will be transferred to the crematorium in a hearse.
  • The funeral can take place in Golders Green, Islington, West London, Putney Vale, Breakspear, New Southgate, Mortlake, Enfield Crematorium, or in the City of London. Depending on the location, the service inside the chapel lasts between 20-30 minutes and can start between 9am to 10am.
  • We will order the music that you would like played at your loved one’s funeral. All we need is 48 hours notice before the service.

Why choose a Simple Funeral?


Unfortunately, funeral prices are increasing at an alarming rate. The average cost of a funeral in the UK now stands at £4,417. Many cannot afford to spend such a large sum of money on a funeral. We offer affordable funerals that do not compromise on the care of loved ones.

It may be the wish of the deceased to have a budget funeral.

Some people express to their loved ones that they do not want a lavish funeral, especially if they know that those around them may not be able to afford it. Having a budget funeral does not translate to a ‘bad’ funeral. ‘Budget’ means we have set the costs within a certain bracket to help those who cannot afford a traditional funeral and all the associated costs.

Control the add-on costs.

We offer a range of add-on services. One of the most significant problems in the funeral industry today is hidden costs which mourners do not realise they will have to pay. We are addressing funeral poverty by offering transparent prices for add-on services such as a funeral director and bearers, a limousine and the associated staff, coffin upgrades, the cost of a minister or celebrant, and more.

Our team has been delivering Funerals on a Budget to families for over a decade, and we believe everyone has the right to a dignified and respectful send-off regardless of financial circumstances. We specialise in affordable, quality and professional cremation funerals, without compromising on the care of your loved one. To request more information, please fill in our contact form.


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