Simple Funerals from £1,500

Low Cost Simple Funeral
Simple Funeral

Simple funerals are a low-cost option for people who appreciate simplicity. Our simple funerals offer everything you’ll need, to give your loved one a simple but memorable send-off.

What is a simple funeral?

A simple funeral includes all of the traditional elements of a funeral service but without additional extras. A simple funeral is the best option for people who want to keep fees lows yet still want to say goodbye to their loved one in a respectful way. Certain aspects of a traditional funeral may not be included with a simple funeral, however, we’re here to help you navigate through this hard time and choose the best funeral package for you.

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The greatest respect and care

Each funeral is simple and unique in its own way. Our funerals are designed to offer you peace during this time.

Caring for your loved one

  • The highest quality of care and preparation
  • Veneered coffin
  • We’ll assist you and your family with all of the legal paperwork
  • Transportation of your loved one

On the day of your funeral

  • You and your family can choose the preferred crematorium
  • We’ll provide a stunning vehicle to carry the coffin
  • 20 minutes in the chapel with your loved one
  • Our funeral directors will manage the entire day alongside you

What’s included in a simple funeral?

A simple funeral has the same structure as a traditional funeral but at a more affordable price. Because the fees and costs are lower, you may need to remain flexible on certain aspects of the funeral and service.
  • All funeral director fees
  • Burial or cremation fees (doctor’s fee may be additional)
  • Transportation for the deceased
  • A simple wooden veneered coffin

What’s not included in a simple funeral?

our funeral can include as little or as much as you choose. A simple funeral is a more affordable option. The service may not include extras such as flowers, time of service or no additional cars or limousines for you or your family.

A full list of services we do not provide:

  • Flower arrangements or floral tributes
  • Limousines or additional cars
  • Organisation of obituaries
  • Organisation of wakes
  • We do not cater for coffins supplied by third-parties

Our simple funeral service costs

Our funeral fees are standard and make it easy for you to budget for the day. Depending on where you are, the prices range from £1,500 to £1,900. Included in that fee is a 20-minute visit in the chapel.

Additional funeral fees:

  • Surcharge for oversized coffins
  • Doctor’s fee (£82)
  • Outside of working hours transportation of your loved one

Laws and rules on funerals during Coronavirus

The ongoing guidance from the UK’s government on Coronavirus is constantly changing. As news on the situation changes, we’ll make sure to continue to keep you updated. If we find that the Government relaxes the rules on attending a funeral during Coronavirus, we will reflect this on our site accordingly.

Please read the current guidelines on attending or arranging a funeral.

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Why Funerals on a Budget?

Funerals on a Budget was founded on one core principle which still guides us today: To provide an honest, dignified and affordable funeral, respecting the fact that not everyone is in the same financial situation.

Money shouldn’t be the reason why people can’t get the goodbye they deserve. We’ll continue to help you find the best budget funerals whilst keeping cost down to make sure money isn’t an issue.

Our team has been delivering Funerals on a Budget to families for over a decade and we believe everyone has the right to a dignified and respectful send-off regardless of money and financial circumstances.

What does a simple funeral cost?

If you’re happy to choose a simple and limited funeral service (including dates and times) then our costs start from £1,500. This doesn’t include any optional extras available for the funeral. This figure is for UK residents only.

Will you provide me with a funeral director?

Yes, of course. Each funeral director has years of experience managing simple and traditional funerals. It’s essential that our team is trained to the highest of standards - making your low cost funeral one that’s full of care and attention.

What ways can I pay?

Payment can be made by debit or credit card over the phone or by bank transfer.

Please note that payment in full is required before we may complete any funeral services for you.

Do I need to manage any funeral arrangements?

No, the funeral will be managed by our experienced team of funeral directors. On the day of the funeral, we will manage the entire process. From transportation to burial. Our service offers a completely hands-off approach for you and your family.

Are simple funerals easier than a traditional funeral?

A simple funeral has less option to choose from. This means that you can stop worrying about the little things. The funeral will only consist of the essentials to make the burial memorable yet without some of the additional extras of traditional funerals.

Client Testimonials

We take great pride in delivering meaningful cremation funerals to our families. Here is what our clients say about the services received by the Funerals on a Budget team. If you would like to submit a review we invite you to tell us at

Areas We Cover

We arrange for the collection of your loved one in normal business working hours from any hospital, hospice or coroner’s mortuary within 30 miles of our hub in Enfield, Middlesex during normal working hours* (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays). Outside of 30 miles there is additional mileage charged at £2.00 per mile.

*Please note there is a fixed additional fee of £230 for collection from a nursing home or a private residence

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