How to Cope With The Loss of a Partner or Spouse

The loss of your significant other is devastating and overwhelming. Whether your partner’s death is sudden or from a terminal illness, the grief felt is crushing. It may feel like you will never be able to function again, or that your future will be bleak. Though it may not feel like it currently, you will have happy times in the future. It is alright if it takes time to feel ok again. We thought we would provide you with some advice that may help you cope with the loss of your partner or spouse.

Remember that there is no correct reaction. 

Everyone deals with painful situations differently, and this cannot be emphasised enough.  Some react to death by feeling incredibly emotional, some feel numb, some are in denial,  and others feel inconsolably panicked. There is no ‘correct’ way to react to the devastating death of a spouse or partner.

Find a support system with friends and family. 

It would be best if you had people around you that you can talk to about your loss. The death of a loved one can feel lonely and confusing. Remember that you have family members and friends that are there for you and want to help you through your pain. You may feel inclined to turn inward and lock yourself away from others, but support from others is essential.

Join a support group. 

If you feel that it would help, join a support group to talk to others who are in a similar situation and will understand what you are going through. Talk to your GP about local bereavement groups or look it up online. There will be others like you who are struggling and would like to reach out to others who will help them through their loss.

Do not be ashamed if you need specialist support. 

For some, intense mourning can progress into a mental health condition. If you feel that you are struggling to cope with the passing of your loved one, book an appointment with your GP to see what treatments may be available to you. Your GP may suggest talking therapy or perhaps offer medication options if they feel it is necessary.

Take care of yourself. 

The loss of a partner or spouse is devastating, and it will take time for you to feel yourself again. However, it is vital to take care of your physical needs. Eat healthy, nourishing foods, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and try to do things that you enjoy. Go for a walk in nature, meet a friend, read your favourite book, or watch your favourite films.

It is important to feel supported after bereavement, and there is no ‘right’ way to experience it. If you need assistance planning your loved one’s funeral, but you do not know where to start, speak to a member of our helpful team at Funerals on a Budget. We offer affordable,  quality and professional funerals in the London area that do not compromise on the care of your loved one. Contact us via our contact form or by phone on 0208 819 3469 to discuss your funeral requirements.


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