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If someone dies abroad, you should first contact the local police who will connect you with the nearest British Consulate, and from there arrangements can be made for burial or repatriation. A local death certificate will be issued and all regional laws and procedures must be followed. If cause of death is sudden, unknown or suspicious, it will be referred to a coroner who will investigate the circumstances and cause of death, before issuing a certificate allowing the death to be registered.
When someone dies, it is a stressful and confusing time. All of a sudden a myriad of decisions and arrangements have to be made within a very short period, including several legal requirements and responsibilities.

If death occurs at hospital, you will be contacted by the medical staff and given a time when you will be able to go along, to the hospital, to collect the medical certificate of death. The deceased will then be collected by the funeral director and taken back to the funeral home.
Upon A Death
What to do if someone dies.

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